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Welcome to Moonlight Ficathons

Hello, and welcome. This is *the* place for fiction exchanges, fiction challenges, and ficathons all revolving around the CBS television series, Moonlight.

All characters, all pairings, all machinations of the plotline welcome. Whether you're a Josef fan, a Mick lover, a Beth admirer, in love with Guillermo, or even if you root for Coraline -- sit back, grab a glass of some fresh, and dig in full fang.

Sound like fun? We think so.

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Pass it around!

This Friday we are watching Fever. Moonlight Solidarity! Rah!Rah!Rah!
I know, I know, this is way off topic, but it's important, so read this, please. Your mod begs you.  :)  It's a way to send CBS a message about how much we want a second season of Moonlight.  Beyond this, please please email audsvcs@cbs.com and let them know, in a nice, writerly, polite way that you want more Mick and Beth!  So, here's the message from Leeser at http://moonlightline.com:


While they are still available to us...

While The Price Is Right is running on Friday nights, the plan is to go to http://www.cbs.com and to all watch the same episode of Moonlight with the intention of sending CBS a message. We do know that they pay attention to what we're watching on CBS.com, so it should be obvious that we're not watching the available "current" programming. Yes, this may crash their streaming vid server, but they're still going to know which streaming vid made it all come crashing down.

Please spread this around to all the other Moonlight sites you can possibly think of during the next week. Let them know that this is a concerted effort and that we need to come together to make this all happen.

If they want to coordinate anything, let them know they can contact me at leeser@moonlightline.com.  Because we're all in this together.


So, go forth, be fruitful and STREAM!!!!!  

ETA: and this is important too... while you're streaming on Friday night?  TVs OFF!!!! DARK!!! NO TV!!!
As proposed by jujuluck, December 1 will start our second ml_ficathons fiction challenge!!!!!

This challenge, given the time of year, will be for you, the intrepid ml_ficathons  writer, to present a fluff piece.  Yes.  Fluff.  Sickeningly sweet and sappy and silly and super saccharine.  (Say that three times fast.)  The topic of this tithe of titillation will be:

"Merry St. Mick," or "How Mick (or Beth, or Josef, or Coraline, or Lt. Davis, or Guillermo, or Josh) Saves Christmas (or the Solstice, or Chanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or Festivus *G* and/or New Year's Eve)."

You have until December 20th to post your work.  Feel free to post a ficlet, a longer story, a novella, a poem, what have you.  Just duff out the fluff, man.  No need for sign ups, just go with it and let's see what percolates.

Of course -- the rules.  As always, please make sure your fics have the proper headings, and are tagged with your username and "holiday fluff challenge" as well as the name of your major character or pairing.  Whee!  Please also wait until the challenge is over to post in your LJ or in other communities.  At that point, please make sure all cross-post links follow back here.  Your excellent work is the best way to spread the word about this community!  Thanks for cooperating with that!

So --  remember, remember the 20th of December.  


Title: Stormy Weather
Author: Jenthegypsy
Characters: Mick, Beth, Josh
Rating: PG
Prompt: kymba's request - Josh pressures Beth to move in with him; Beth asks Mick to lay down in bed with her; we get an explanation as to why Mick sleeps in a freezer. Cookies were also promised if "uber smutty dreams" were included.
Disclaimer: I do not own Moonlight. Heck, I don't even own my car yet. Just borrowing the characters and keeping them warm safe until the writers come back.
Bummer: Part 1 of 2. Sorry about that.

A/N: Many thanks to my dear friends hereswith and hendercats for their encouragement and suggestions on this ficlet. The first step into a new fandom is always scary. Thanks, you two, for the hand holding. &hearts

A/N-2: If you aren't familiar with the song, "Stormy Weather", you should have a listen - I think it would be on Mick's list of favorite blues songs. You can hear the great Ethel Waters' rendition here.

Stormy WeatherCollapse )
Title: Hidden Garlic
Characters: Mick St. John, Beth Turner
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up to Episode 6.
Disclaimer: Do not own anything… :(
Summary: Beth tries to get Mick to eat garlic to test the theory.
Written for iansmomesq .

Celebrating 5 Ficathon Closing

While the Celebrating 5 Ficathon is "officially" closed, because this is our first one, if you'd like to post your stories up through Wednesday of this week (11/21) that's fine.  We just don't want anyone to have to miss out on their requested stories, because there were some wonderfuly fluffy plot bunnies scampering around there!

Moreover, after Wednesday, feel free to pimp and cross post your fics in other communities, but please make sure the story you cross-post indicates it was written for this challenge, and make sure the link you place in other communites comes back here, to ml_ficathons.   Thank you for that courtesy!

Thanks to all of you who have worked hard and posted some AMAZING bitlets of fiction for this wonderful show.  It can only get better from here.

We'll have a challenge coming up.  Because of the holiday season, we can either have a Holiday challenge -- or wait until after January 1.  What say you all?  If you have any preference one way or the other please leave it in a comment.  

Woo hoo, guys!!! 
Evening all - hope this finds you warm and cozy, with a beverage of your choice.


Title: Survivorman
Author: kymba
Pairing: Mick/Beth
Rating: PG
Count: 2200 and change
Summary: Mick and Beth go for a drive.

Her figure was a throwback to the pin-up calendar girls from the 50s when he was still human, his favorite kind of woman.Collapse )

Title - Dreamcatcher
Author - Midknight2501
Rating - PG
Category – H/C
Pairing (if needed) – Mick/Beth/Josef
Disclaimer - Moonlight isn't mine.
Warnings – None.
Spoilers – None.
Summary – When Mick's in trouble it's Beth and Josef to the rescue!
Notes – For jinxed-wood's Beth and Josef need to work together to help Mick challenge.