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Moonlight Ficathons

In the Heat of Los Angeles

The Moonlight Ficathon Community
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Hello, and welcome. This is *the* place for fiction exchanges, fiction challenges, and ficathons all revolving around the CBS television series, Moonlight.

All characters, all pairings, all machinations of the plotline welcome. Whether you're a Josef fan, a Mick lover, a Beth admirer, in love with Guillermo, or even if you root for Coraline -- sit back, grab a glass of some fresh, and dig in full fang.

Our current challenge: The "Merry St. Mick" fluff piece challenge!!! This second round of fic writing begins on December 1 and ends on December 20! We can't wait to see what kind of bunnies hatch from this one! Cute and cuddly ones, just like our favorite emo woobie vampire, we hope. :)

Sound like fun? We think so.