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Welcome to Moonlight Ficathons

Hello, and welcome. This is *the* place for fiction exchanges, fiction challenges, and ficathons all revolving around the CBS television series, Moonlight.

All characters, all pairings, all machinations of the plotline welcome. Whether you're a Josef fan, a Mick lover, a Beth admirer, in love with Guillermo, or even if you root for Coraline -- sit back, grab a glass of some fresh, and dig in full fang.

Sound like fun? We think so.

Title: at the bar
Author: thornsmoke
Characters: Mick St. John, Rhys
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None.
Word Count: 1224 words. Slightly longer than a ficlet.
Disclaimer: Neither Moonlight nor the Merry Gentry series are mine.
Summary: Crossover with Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series. If Rhys knew Mick, and they met every few centuries. Warnings for dubious characterization and badly-timed Bogart impressions, courtesy of Rhys.


'You,' Rhys says, 'are incredibly depressing.'Collapse )

Title: the things you remember
Author: thornsmoke
Characters: Mick St. John, Coraline
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Spoiler-free! Er, I think.
Disclaimer: I do not own Moonlight. The end?
Summary: Scenes of Mick's time with Coraline.

Together they prowl the city at night, scalded with delight and desire each time anew at the people they pick off the streets.Collapse )
Hey all!  Just a reminder that our very first ficathon, the Celebrating 5 Ficathon, is soon coming to a close.  Fics are due tomorrow, November 17!

Can't wait to see the fruits of all of your labor!!!

Feel free to post your ficlets at any time once you're finished!  

Please make sure your subject line contains the title, rating, the name of the ficathon, and the name of the person making the request:  Example:

Coraline-a In The Morning | PG | for nopunintended | Celebrating 5 Ficathon

Please also include proper headings for your fics (see samples in the fics below); and most importantly -- please remember to tag your entires with your name, the name of your requester, celebrating 5 and the characters and/or pairings involved. It'll make it much easier to find the fics later!

Ok even more important?  Read the fics.  Enjoy them, and by all means COMMENT on the work done by your fellow ficathoners!

Woo hoo!

Title: The Blood/Brain Barrier
Author: dukesfreers aka iansmomesq
Fandom:  Crossover -- Heroes/Moonlight
Characters:  Mick St. John, PI; Lt. Carl Davis; Dr. Mohinder Suresh; Ofc. Matt Parkman; Agent Audrey Hanson; Sylar
Rating: PG
Summary:  for flareonfury, who wanted a crossover with Audrey Hanson of Heroes.  Sorry this got kind of long. 

:  Moonlight and Mick St. John belong to their writers.  Heroes and those characters belong to their writers.  These writers are currently fighting to be paid fairly for the fruits of their labor.  I support the WGA strike wholeheartedly. 

TitleMemento Mori - for the Celebrating 5 Challenge
Chapter:  1/1
Authordukesfreers aka iansmomesq
Characters: Mick St. John, Beth Turner
Rating:  PG
Spoilers:  Epsiode 101 through Episode 105, if any, and any inconsistencies thereafter are unintentional.
Disclaimer:  Mick and Beth are the brainchildren of some amazing writers formerly employed at CBS, writers who are currently on strike, fighting for the recompense they so rightly deserve.
Summary:  Reminders of death, reminders of life.  

For bipagan, my co-mod and brains behind this operation, with my love.   She wanted to know  what the deal was with those ugly ass paintings in Mick's corridor.  Well, here you go.  :)   Sorry, but I couldn't bring myself to shorten it.  :)

Bloodfever - Fic challenge

Title: Bloodfever
Author: Jujuluck
Rating: R for violence
Spoilers: None
FIC Challenge: Response to midknight2501's request: Vampire's go into heat a la "pon farr"*
Disclaimer: CBS owns Moonlight. I do not.  Uh, am I okay to say the name now or do I owe someone money?

"pon farr" is a condition in the Star Trek universe that induces the desire to mate in an adult Vulcan

I decided to take the idea of "pon farr" and run it in a completely different direction, since vampires are all about intensity of emotion, which is the exact opposite of Vulcan's, I decided that it was the repression of those desires that brings on the "pon farr," or in the vampires case the Bloodfever. 
Hope you like it!
Many thanks goes to my Beta,   sarisynn  :D

 Here is my fic challenge response for flareonfury's challenge: What if Mick found out Beth was carrying his child? My fic is rated PG.

I hope you like it! I also hope I can get it to post! I haven't posted to LJ before. I'm just linking to my journal entry, hope that's OK.

Title: Hugs & Puppies
Author: bipagan
Pairing: Beth/Mick
Written for: flareonfury's request for "Mick finds out Beth's pregnant with his child" in the Celebrating 5 ficletathon
Rating: G
~530 words
Note: I'm so sorry but the idea of Mick with puppies was too good to pass up.

Assignments, final...sorta

Here are the assignments so far.  If you decide you want to write more, go for it.

Remember ficlets are due by Saturday, November 17th.

Make sure to post it using the requesters name in the subject.
For example: Subject: Even Vampires Get the Blues Mick/Josef/Angel for bipagan

As you can see, there are plenty of requests still not taken. Anyone can try their hand at one of them. Just make sure you post it by Saturday, Nov. 17th.

Why do vampires have large paintings of ugly men in their homes?: taken by iansmomesq
Merry Gentry universe crossover. Maybe Rhys met Mick in LA?.: taken by thornsmoke

A crossover with Heroes in which Mick faces Sylar. And wins.
Beth gets Mick to try eating some garlic because she's dying to test the theory.: taken by flareonfury

Beth walks in on something between Mick and Josef only it's not what she thinks.: taken byjinxed_wood
"Canadian Shack" plot.: taken by kymba and lovelokest
Vampires go into heat, a la "pon farr": taken by jujuluck
Josef and Josh run into each other but don't know their connection and do some anonymous lamenting about their SOs.
Someone gets themselves into trouble and someone has to come bluff them out of trouble, usually involving a prior "claim".

Beth and Josef need to work together to help Mick.:taken by midknight2501

Mick finds out Beth's pregnant with his child.: taken by bipagan and ginajas
Audrey/Mick (Heroes crossover) ficlet.: taken by iansmomesq

Mick needs the help of Josh for a case he is working but neither can tell Beth about it.
The event that changed Mick from the redhead feeding party guy in the 80's (seen in episode 2) to the “good morals” vampire who refuses to feed off humans.: taken by carolinga

Mick/Coraline, set in the time after Mick becomes a vampire and before Coraline abducts Beth?: taken by thornsmoke

A scenario in which Josh demands Beth move in with him, or end their relationship? Obvs, because he's insecure about Mick. AND/OR where Beth asks Mick to lay down with her in bed (for comfort), and we get an explanation of why Mick sleeps in a freezer, instead of next to a warm human.: taken by jenthegypsy

Josef's turning: taken by garrideb

Here are as things stand now:

(okay forgive the lack of lj user links because my formatting's all effed up)

bipagan's requests will be written by 1) iansmomesq and 2) thornsmoke

midknight2501's request will be written by jinxed_wood

flareonfury's requests will be written by bipagan and (possibly) iansmomesq

iansmomesq's request will be written by flareonfury

We still need a writer for jujuluckJuju, feel free to pick up the second flareonfury request if more don't come in!

We need more participants!!!!  Don't forget that requests close this weekend!!!

Feel free to start writing now, and we'll post on November 17.  If we get indication that all of you are done sooner, well, then we can always move up the posting day!





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