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As proposed by jujuluck, December 1 will start our second ml_ficathons fiction challenge!!!!!

This challenge, given the time of year, will be for you, the intrepid ml_ficathons  writer, to present a fluff piece.  Yes.  Fluff.  Sickeningly sweet and sappy and silly and super saccharine.  (Say that three times fast.)  The topic of this tithe of titillation will be:

"Merry St. Mick," or "How Mick (or Beth, or Josef, or Coraline, or Lt. Davis, or Guillermo, or Josh) Saves Christmas (or the Solstice, or Chanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or Festivus *G* and/or New Year's Eve)."

You have until December 20th to post your work.  Feel free to post a ficlet, a longer story, a novella, a poem, what have you.  Just duff out the fluff, man.  No need for sign ups, just go with it and let's see what percolates.

Of course -- the rules.  As always, please make sure your fics have the proper headings, and are tagged with your username and "holiday fluff challenge" as well as the name of your major character or pairing.  Whee!  Please also wait until the challenge is over to post in your LJ or in other communities.  At that point, please make sure all cross-post links follow back here.  Your excellent work is the best way to spread the word about this community!  Thanks for cooperating with that!

So --  remember, remember the 20th of December.  




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